At BuildEquip Hire Shops your safety is our major concern. All our products come with safety advice.

Make sure you meet your duty of care to employee and personal safety. To help you, we ensure all BuildEquip products conform to the Health & Safety Act.


Here are some available products and tips:


 Eye Protection

All round protection: grade 1 goggles
Less hazardous work: grade 2 spectacles

  Breathing Masks

Breathing mask levels

 1. General Purpose Disposable Masks
General purpose, disposable masks for low-risk dust and water-based airborne sprays.

 2. Respiratory Disposable Masks
Respiratory disposable masks with charcoal filter for welding fumes, ozone and most
nuisance level odours.

 3. Consult Product Supplier
Consult product supplier for guidance and data information.

  Welding Masks
Welding masks or goggles are included with your equipment.

  Ear Defenders
Protection against high noise levels. Earplugs are suitable for short-term work.

  Safety Footwear
Wear safety footwear for toe protection.

  Protective Gloves
Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for hand protection.

  Safety Helmets
Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site. Bump caps protect from overhead

  Disposable Overalls
Semi-durable polypropylene material protects clothing from accidental splashing and dirt.

  Personnel Lifting
Equipment designed for personnel lifting. Use of safety restraint harness recommended.

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