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The Nail Gun is a tool which drives nails and threaded studs into concrete and steel. The Nail Gun works on the piston principle which gives the assurance of an optimum of operator safety and fastening reliability. The cartridges are transported automatically for faster and more economical fastening.


Depending on the required length of the nail, the MX32 for nails up to 32 mm long or the MX62 for nails up to 62 mm long can be used.


The recommended maximum fastening rate is 600 fastenings per hour. This tool is not approved for use in explosive atmospheres.

Product Specifications

  • Performance: For fastenings to concrete and steel
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Tool Length: 390mm
  • Power load: 6.8/11M in cartridge in magazines strips of 10


  • Lubricant Oil
  • Cleaning Cloth

Sales Abrasives

  • Red Cartridge
  • Nail 27mm (concrete or steel application)

Operating Instructions

Failure to follow these precautions could result in personal injury.



  • Never use this tool unless you have received proper instruction on its safe use.
  • Always use this tool in strict accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Do not point the tool at yourself or any bystander.
  • Never cock the tool against your hand or another part of your body.
  • Operator and bystanders must wear appropriate eyewear and hard hats while the tool is in use.


Safety precautions

  • Always use the stabilizer/guard whenever possible.
  • Never leave a loaded tool unattended. Always unload the tool before any cleaning or maintenance work, before remedying any defects or malfunctioning, before storing the tool after finishing work, before work breaks and before changing parts.
  • Wear ear protection when working in confined areas.
  • Always inspect tool for proper operation before using. Do not use a tool that is incomplete or does not operate properly.
  • Keep arms flexed when operating tool (do not stiff arm). If you feel discomfort, discontinue use.
  • Always hold tool perpendicular to work surface and base material when making fastening.
  • Always use genuine Hilti fasteners, cartridges and spare parts, or those of equivalent quality.
  • Do not attempt to pry cartridge from cartridge strip or from the tool.
  • Always do the following if cartridge misfires or fails to ignite:
  1. Keep tool against work surface for 30 seconds.
  2. If cartridge still does not ignite, withdraw tool from work surface, taking care that tool is not pointed at user or bystanders.
  3. Cycle the tool so that the next cartridge is transported. Use up the remaining cartridges in the strip; remove used cartridge strip and dispose of it in such a way that it can neither be used again nor misused.
  • Never fasten through an existing hole, except when otherwise recommended
  • Always keep tool and cartridges locked in a container and in a safe place when not in use.
  • Do not make fastenings in an explosive or flammable atmosphere, except when the tool is approved for such use.
  • Always consult application guidelines.
  • Make sure that no one stands behind/below fastening location when making fastenings
  • Do not disassemble tool when it is hot.
  • Never exceed the recommended setting frequency (number of fastenings per hour).
  • Always remove the cartridge strip during work breaks (< 30 seconds).


General notes

  • Never re-drive fasteners.
  • Observe the relevant national regulations, especially those regarding accident prevention.


Through-shot and ricochet prevention:

  • The piston principle employed results in low fastener velocity and dissipation of excess driving power.


Contact pressure safety device:

  • The pressure required to overcome the cocking force and movement prevents a loaded tool from being fired if it is not pressed against a firm work surface. The tool can only be fired if the contact pressure safety device is pressed to overcome a movement of 16 mm and a minimum force of 110 N.


Handling of standard tool

Adjust the driving power by turning the regulating thumbwheel.

1 = min. driving power

3 = max. driving power

Pull out the barrel assembly fully and push it back again.

Note: If the barrel assembly is stiff, spray the slot sparingly with lubricant and pull out and push back the barrel assembly several times.

Insert the fastener until the washer is held in the fastener guide.

Insert the cartridge magazine into the base of the grip and push it in until it is flush with the grip.

Driving the fastener: Hold the tool at right angles to the material in which the fastener is to be driven, press it firmly against the working surface and pull the trigger. By pulling out the barrel assembly and pushing it back again until it clicks into position, the magazine will automatically be advanced by one cartridge.

Caution: Never push back baseplate by hand. There is a risk of injury.


 Eye Protection

All round protection: grade 1 goggles
Less hazardous work: grade 2 spectacles


 Ear Defenders
Protection against high noise levels. Earplugs are suitable for short-term work.



 Safety Footwear
Wear safety footwear for toe protection.



 Safety Helmets
Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site. Bump caps protect from overhead obstacles.