Steel Profile

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Steel Profiles ensures brickwork accuracy and are very easy to erect - they can be fitted within 60 seconds.


Profiles are held in place by two timber battens nailed to the provided steel lugs. The battens are then secured at ground level with bricks weighing them down.


You are able to mark your brick work gauging on the Profile with a soluble marker pen or pencil.


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 3000m(l)
  • Weight: 7.5kg


  • Timber Battens

Operating Instructions

  • Place the profile on the corner of your brickwork.
  • Fix battens to the profile on the provided lugs and place the battens at 45° weighing down the ends at ground level with bricks.
  • Adjust the profile until plumb.
  • Do the above steps with a profile at the other end of the wall to be built.
  • Gauge and mark your brick work on the one profile with a soluble marker or pencil.
  • Use a pipe level or dumpy level to get a level (horizontal) mark on the second profile.
  • Gauge and mark your brickwork lines on the second profile.
  • You can now place your building lines from one profile to the other on the gauge lines and start your brick work.



 Safety Footwear
Wear safety footwear for toe protection.



 Protective Gloves
Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for hand protection.