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Sieve’s are the ideal sifting device to clean your sand or small stone from debris.

Our Sieve’s are available in four mesh sizes, 3.15mm, 4.75mm, 6.35mm and 10mm


Product Specifications

  • Sieve 3.15

Dimensions: 530mm(w) x 600mm(h)

Weight: 4kg

  • Sieve 4.75mm, 6.35mm & 10mm

Dimensions: 840mm(w) x 1300mm(h)

Weight: 25kg

Operating Instructions

  • Ensure sand is dry when sieving as this allows for easier sifting.
  • Place sieve at an angle with the provided leg or horizontal on two drums or similar product.
  • Pass sand through the sieve, if sand is wet it will have to be hand rubbed over the sieve to help granules pass through the sieve.
  • Regularly clean the waste debris from the sieve face.


 Eye Protection

All round protection: grade 1 goggles
Less hazardous work: grade 2 spectacles


 Protective Gloves
Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for hand protection.