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For those seeking value for money, portability and ultimate cleanliness, the Flush Toilet unit is the best fit:
A normal domestic toilet flush design, ideal for building sites.

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The Flush Toilet is the cleanest and most environment friendly portable toilet on the market. It flushes directly into the municipal sewerage line, so no sewerage tank with bad odours as with chemical toilets. It comes standard with a 15mm copper pipe for the water supply and an 110mm PVC outlet pipe for the sewerage connection at the rear of the unit.

The toilet must be transported upright and needs to be connected by a plumber or knowledgeable person.

For connection instruction download the Flush Toilet Connection Procedure file.


  • Lightweight and portable
  •  Self closing door
  •  Steel base with carrying handles

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 1120mm(W) x 1080mm(L) x 2050mm(H)
  • Weight – 50kg


  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Toilet Seat & Lid

11100 - Flush Toilet connection procedure