Workeasy Scaffold System

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The Workeasy scaffold system is governed by three essential factors: Safety – Efficiency – Economy

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The Workeasy scaffold system is governed by three essential factors: Safety – Efficiency – Economy


Workeasy frames are not only suitable for large scale construction, but all branches of the building trades will find it to be an ideal system for access to any height. For maximum possible safety factor, the frames are manufactured from high tensile tubing giving a high strength to mass ratio.


There are no loose parts to get lost or damaged and no special tools are required.  Simplicity in design enables erection to be carried out by unskilled labour.


The dimension between frames is governed by the crossbrace length. Two crossbrace lengths are available which allows for a 2.0m or a 2.5m dimension from frame to frame.

Either a 2.0m or 2.5 Hook-on Scaffold boards will be used depending on the dimension between the frames.


Base Jacks can be used at ground level to allow for levelling of the tower should the ground be uneven.


Product Specifications

  • Frame Weight – 17.6kg
  • Frame Dimensions – 50mm(W) x 1270mm(L) x 2100mm(H)


  • Workeasy Frames
  • Connectors
  • Crossbraces 2000
  • Crossbraces 2500
  • Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2000
  • Hook-on Scaffold Boards 2500
  • Base Jacks
  • Hook-on Ladders
  • Trap Doors
  • Band & Plate Couplers

Operating Instructions

  • If required, place Base Jacks into the frame tubes at ground level. Then fix the crossbraces to the provided flip locks. Ensure the flip locks are properly secured.
  • Now level the frames if required and place the scaffold boards onto the frames.
  • Frames can be placed on top of each other using the provided connectors to reach your working height.
  • Never do anything that involves applying a lot of side force. The frames could topple over.
  • The maximum safe working load of a scaffold board is 150 KG evenly spaced. The total weight of the user and tools must not exceed this.
  • Never use steps, boxes etc. to gain extra height.
  • Always set up the equipment on a firm, level, and nonslip surface. On soft ground, stand the equipment on boards to stop it sinking in.
  • Have an able-bodied assistant to help lift the staging or boards into position.
  • Access to the working platform should be from the inside only and by ladder.
  • Use Hook-on Ladders to access working platforms and trap doors at each working platform.


Safety Footwear

  • Wear safety footwear for toe protection.

Protective Gloves

  • Rigger gloves for hand protection.

  Safety Helmets

  • Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site.

Safety Harness

  • Use of safety restraint harness.