Quickstage Support Scaffold

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Quickstage is South Africa’s most common modular scaffolding system and has been around for almost 40 years.

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Quickstage is South Africa's most common modular scaffolding system and has been around for almost 40 years. It is still the premier system of choice for concrete formwork support in South Africa.

Properly erected, Quickstage provides a versatile and robust support solution that has proven its ability to endure local conditions.

Quickstage is manufactured to comply with stringent standards and specifications using only high quality material and workmanship.

Conforming to all the relevant SABS Standards and South African regulations, Quickstage has been used to provide safe support scaffolding extending to any support height.

The limited number of components makes the system easy to use and therefore provides a very cost effective solution.

System Features

  • Uncomplicated modular design.
  • Easy to erect, use and dismantle.
  • Versatile height and width configurations.
  • Components are easy to palletize and transport.


  • Standards
  • Ledgers
  • Cantilever Brackets
  • Base Jacks
  • Swivel Base Jacks
  • J-Head Jacks
  • U-Head Jacks
  • Connectors
  • Crosshead Jacks

Accessories & Couplers

  • Scaffold Tubes
  • Swivel Coupler
  • 90 Degree Couplers
  • Band & Plate Coupler
  • Internal Tube Spigot Couplers
  • H20 Beams
  • Wooden Beams



 Safety Footwear
Wear safety footwear for toe protection.


 Protective Gloves
Rigger gloves for hand protection.


 Safety Helmets
Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site.


 Safety Harness
Use of safety restraint harness.