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Trailer Toilet Unit – Compact Standard VIP

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The Compact Standard VIP Trailer Toilet Unit is the toilet of choice in the rental, film and events industries as it provides comfort and simplicity. The unit has two cubicles, each containing a flushable toilet, hands washing basin, soap-, towel- and toilet paper dispensers, a mirror and lighting. Floors are covered with a top quality vinyl and skirting to finish it off.

The toilets work on a recycle system. Waste flushes into two tanks below the floor. In the tanks, fluids are separated from solids, filtered and then pumped back to the cisterns to be used again.

Fresh water is stored in an overhead tank and fed to the basins by gravity.

The waster water flow is run by a 12V pump powered by a 96Ah high cycle battery. The battery is charged via a solar panel or a battery charger which in turn is powered by a 220V power supply. The unit is also fitted with 12V internal and external lights.

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